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Adam Kerr of GameGrin reviews Fight Crab, writing: “As the lobster descended via a chandelier, wielding a battle axe, it was clear I was going to be in for the fight of my life. Snatching the sword out of my hand and unloading the wrath of the lobster lord on me, I was defeated. The brutal, underground scene of Fight Crab had taken another victim. Yet, I could not fall here. All 23 different types of crab had to be slain. Fight Crab is a baffling concept. At its core, it is a fighting game, with an aim to be light-hearted and comical. As a game, it offers a lot more than comic relief. Admittedly, I did go into Fight Crab expecting comical tat, but I’ve come out the other end having had an all round blast.”

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